Conferences Staff

Clare Ann Ruth-Heffelbower
Conference Minister: Clare Ann Ruth-Heffelbower


Minister of Mission: David Gray


Conference Administrator: Agnes Chigoji


Conference Bookkeeper: Gwen Ratzlaff
P.O. Box 39038
Phoenix, AZ 85069

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Moderator: Kathi Oswald (moderator@pacificsouthwest.org)


Moderator Elect: Vacant


Treasurer: Joe Roos               (treasurer@pacificsouthwest.org)



TinaSchlabach_croppedSecretary: Tina Schlabach (secretary@pacificsouthwest.org)


Area Representatives:

  • Gene Kimel – Arizona Representative
  • Don Linscheid – Northern California Representative
  • Juan Montes – Member at Large
  • Anthonia Onye – Southern California Representative
  • Scott Peterson – Arizona Representative
  • Gordon Smith – Northern California Representative
  • Vacant – Southern Calfornia Representative
  • Vacant – Member at Large