Following Jesus, our mission is to create Spirit-filled healing community across boundaries, sharing God’s love, justice, and peace with each other and with our local and global neighbors.

For our Mission Policy, click here.

Current mission projects of PSMC and our member churches:

Anabaptist Resource Center

We are working to create a center for resourcing and training of Anabaptist leaders. We hope to have a physical space for connecting by developing a ministry hub for Mennonite agencies throughout PSMC. Vision is for space that can support conferences, youth rallies, gatherings/seminars, and office space.

Full Circle Thrift Store

Vision is to create a not-for-profit business as a funding stream to support the Anabaptist Resource Center and other PSMC ministries. We want to create a business that will model our values of supporting the community through employment/training opportunities, sustainable practices, and community building.

To view the BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE THRIFT STORE, approved by the PSMC Board of Directors on Oct 18, 2014, click here.

For updates on the thrift store, visit www.facebook.com/FullCircleThrift


Is a peace center in Los Angeles that equips Korean church leaders to serve in ways that promote unity, forgiveness, and peace. ReconciliAsian aims to educate and to promote the culture of peacemaking and reconciliation within the Korean community through the church. The primary goal of the center is to encourage and equip Korean churches with peace theology and peacemaking skills that can promote conversation, participation, and cooperation.

For more information, visit reconciliasian.com.

PSMC’s Church Planting

Throughout PSMC we are cultivating the seeds of church planting. Our conference’s perspective on church planting is that churches plant churches, yet as a conference we strive to create a nurturing environment for growth. We offer leadership support, start-up grants, coaching, and spiritual care for the development of emerging communities.